Chapter One Afterword - Note On: Christian Theology "Only Begotten Son"

    What Christians mean by the expression "Only Begotten Son".

Chapter Two Afterword - The Seven Churches

Chapter Three Afterword - The Reality of Satan.

    Explanations about the nature of evil.

Chapter Four Afterword - Explanation of The Four Beasts in the Book of Revelation

Chapter Five Afterword - Joseph Smith and the Book of Revelation.

Chapter Six Afterword - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse arose out of Four Institutions that were originally established to bring order and benefit to mankind but whose forms had now become old and decrepit.

Chapter Seven Afterword - Some of the New Ideas Brought to this Age.

Chapter Eight Afterword - The Three Woes

    Sometimes the Manifestations Themselves, of the New Religions, are referred to as "Woes", because Their arrival appears to cause such travail for mankind. There are, however, many SIMULTANEOUS different meanings that may be understood about any archetype.

Chapter Nine Afterword - The Four Angels of the Euphrates and The Bottomless Pit An Archetype For Nuclear Weapons.

Chapter Ten Afterword - The History of Muhammad and the Beginning of Islam

    In the Book of Revelation, the most prophetic book in the Christian New Testament, this chapter (V.7) (and much of the next couple of Chapters) is about Islam, the next religion to come after Christianity.

Chapter Eleven Afterword - A Charted History (Timeline) of Islam

    The early dates that were critical in the formation of Islam.

Chapter Twelve Afterword - The Most Conclusive Proof

    This is The Most Clear Proof in the Bible that Jesus was the Christ and it simultaneously shows that Baha'u'llah is His return

    Chapter Twelve also deals with the Red Dragon and its archetype is treated simultaneously in two interpretations, the first dealing with the early historical establishment of Islam and the second dealing with a contemporary "end time" theme.

    Chapter Twelve Appendix - Bad Beast verses

    Chapter Twelve Appendix - Red Dragon verses

Chapter Thirteen Afterword - The Anti-Christ, Number of the Beast (666), and Mark of the Beast.

AFTERWORDS on Babylon the Great

Chapters Fourteen to Nineteen

Chapter Fourteen Afterword - Overall Directory to the Verses Dealing with Babylon

Chapter Fifteen Afterword - Discussion of End Time Verses in Daniel Chapter Eleven

Chapter Sixteen Afterword - An introduction to:
The Burden of Babylon
Babylon the Great
Mystery Babylon - The United States

Chapter Seventeen Afterword - External (Physical) Interpretations of Archetypes

    There are many possible "archetypes" in the Book of Revelation of possible external events rather than their having only spiritual meanings. These are examples of such possible interpretations, but we can't 'know' until the event happens.

    Chapter Seventeen Appendix - Jeremiah 50
    Old Testament prophecy about the archetype Babylon in the last days.

Chapter Eighteen Afterword - Warning to America

Chapter Nineteen Afterword - BAHA'U'LLAH'S LIFE IN PRISON and How the Baha'i Faith Came to America

Chapter Twenty Afterword - The Baha'i Faith After a Thousand Years (The Coming of the Next Manifestation)

Chapter Twenty-one Afterword - Jerusalem and the 144,000

    Jerusalem is mentioned in 747 King James Bible verses and in the authorized Baha'i Writings 200 times. Its meaning is discussed here.

Chapter Twenty-two Afterword - What Life Will Be Like for the Next Thousand Years